G4S is the UK's biggest private security company, with its government contracts alone worth over £600 million. Responsible for security services, managing detention centres, prisons, and 675 court and police station holding cells, G4S have also just been granted the £100 million contract for providing 10,000 security guards for the upcoming olympics.

Whilst G4S still seem to be government favourites, their record is far from spotless. The firm lost their previous 'forcible deportation' contract last September after receiving 773 complaints of abuse – both verbal and physical. The final straw came with the death of Jimmy Mubenga in October 2010, an Angolan asylum seeker who died as a result of his forced deportation by G4S guards. Two of the guards are on bail facing criminal charges, whilst G4S is still waiting to hear whether they are to face corporate manslaughter charges.

Now, asylum seekers in Yorkshire and Humberside are expected to accept this multi-national, money-hungry, security company as their landlords.

Monday, 11 June 2012

G4S News Update 4th June - 10th June

Cost cutting concerns about further prison privatisation, Public Finance, June 6th 2012: Commentators fear an erosion of professionalism in prison management as further prisons become privatised. 

Housing for asylum seekers: a multi-million pound privatised nightmare, Liberal Conspiracy, June 6th 2012: Further coverage of the evictions in Bradford and the beginning of 'Transition' in Yorkshire. 

Government asked: Why are you allowing 'tainted' G4S to handle Olympic Security, The Independent, June 8th 2012: On the day after protests outside G4S' AGM, the Independent covers the reasons why G4S are considered 'tainted' by campaigners. (Also covered at Al-Arabiya and Haaretz with a focus on G4S' involvement in West Bank security.) 

G4s face down investors and protesters at annual meeting, The Guardian, June 8th 2012: A multitude of campaigners and organisations gathered together to protest outside G4S' AGM on Thursday 7th June. Supplying visiting investors with an Alternative Report of G4S' terrible human rights abuses, the demonstration received relatively good press coverage. (More at Open Democracy

Don't listen to what G4S say. Look at what they do. Open Democracy, June 9th 2012: Well respected writer and commentator Laurie Penny takes a look at G4S' shaky track record before they embark on a huge security operation at the London Olympics.  

Further concerns over police privatisation in the UK, Police One, June 9th 2012: American (i think) website muses over the impact of police privatisation in the UK. (More concern highlighted about Hertfordshire Police privatisation at the Herts Advertiser 24

G4S to host policing Twitter debate, Info4Security, 10th June 2012: G4S are to host a debate on the role of the private sector in supporting police forces on the 12th June at 2pm. Join the debate by following @G4S_UK (necessary evils right?) and using the hashtag #policingdebate. 

Prisoner wins $40000 from G4S Custodial Services for poor safety provisions in Australian jail, The Herald Sun, 11th June 2012: Prisoner sues G4S for failing to "provide a safe sleeping environment" at a G4S run prison in Australia. Unfortunately, there's a paywall...

- Palestine Place - This new social centre in Central London is a forum for radical debate and action in support of Palestine. They were key in planning the demonstration outside G4S' AGM last week. See all G4S related posts here.  
- Now, have a look at this lovely bit of G4S advertising in Kings Cross, London, (if only things were always this clear…). 

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