G4S is the UK's biggest private security company, with its government contracts alone worth over £600 million. Responsible for security services, managing detention centres, prisons, and 675 court and police station holding cells, G4S have also just been granted the £100 million contract for providing 10,000 security guards for the upcoming olympics.

Whilst G4S still seem to be government favourites, their record is far from spotless. The firm lost their previous 'forcible deportation' contract last September after receiving 773 complaints of abuse – both verbal and physical. The final straw came with the death of Jimmy Mubenga in October 2010, an Angolan asylum seeker who died as a result of his forced deportation by G4S guards. Two of the guards are on bail facing criminal charges, whilst G4S is still waiting to hear whether they are to face corporate manslaughter charges.

Now, asylum seekers in Yorkshire and Humberside are expected to accept this multi-national, money-hungry, security company as their landlords.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Well Trained Operatives!

Someone who overheard this conversation emailed me and I thought you might be interested in hearing it.

Anyway, apparently sometime in March, this visitor and a friend had been to one of G4S’ migrant holding centres.  They left the visiting room after the visiting hours were finished, and went to the
toilet. G4S forgot about them, switched off the lights and left the visiting building, locking these two people in.

These two people went to what it is the reception before going inside the
visiting area, and they used the G4s's phone to try to reach staff. They managed to speak to staff on the phone at the
reception visitor centre and about ten minutes later they were released from their temporary imprisonment.
Evidently the G4S staff  were nice and very apologetic. Still, the visitor is puzzled as to what kind of
security company G4S is when they do not do check out that all visitors
have left the building safely.

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